Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Official Member

I am officially a member of the Scotts Bluff YMCA. I'm hoping to start my first workout tomorrow morning at 5am. We'll see though since that means I'd need to leave the house by 3:45am! Maybe I'll shoot for 6am. Enough with the excuses though...I'm getting in shape before summer creeps up.

Sigh...It's Gym Time

I don't like to work out
I love to cook and the eat what I make.

Unfortunately, that doesn't help me when I try to fit into new clothes.  So, today is the day. I'm joining a gym. I'm debating between the YMCA and a Bootcamp.  Anyone have a personal preference on which is better?

These are my options:
Scottsbluff YMCA
Ultimate Body Transformers Fitness (This would be the bootcamp)

Oh and one more thing...this is the look I'm going for:

The Girls Go Under

This morning I packed up Turtle and Maize (actually Ed packed them up) into my car and headed towards my work.  We drove together for an hour and fifteen minutes while they sang along with the radio.  We arrived at the Animal Health Center at 8am.  They are both getting spayed and their vaccinations today.  Perfect timing since we found a male cat hiding in the garage last night. 
I'll post an update soon about how the girls did...

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