Thursday, March 18, 2010


It was in the mid 60's yesterday in Dalton, Nebraska!  I took advantage of the weather and did a little bit of weeding...ok, a lot.  I cleaned up the flower bed in front of the house and filled up FIVE barrels full of weeds and rose bush trimmings.  It was amazing at how quickly that cleaned up the front of the house.  There is a ton more to do, but I figure if I take it day by day it won't be so overwhelming.

Being a former Wisconsinite, I am rather unfamiliar with tumbleweed.  I had the impression those things only existed in Arizona. Well, I am quickly learning that Nebraska is overrun by them.  They are somewhat amusing to watch roll down a dirt road.  However, when they pile up in your garden, along your fence line, next to an open trailer, etc. it gets rather annoying.  I can't wait to watch them burn in our burn barrel.  Um, just so you know, our burn "barrel" is actually similar to the picture below (but about three times the size)...

Have I mentioned how much I love where I live?

Tonight we are expecting a snow storm that could give us anywhere from 1-9 inches (the weathermen here are as bad as Wisconsin), so it's going to be a while before I get to start planting anything.  I am going to continue to dream though.  I have so many seeds to start and plenty of tools (thanks to Ed's mom!) but am patiently waiting for April before starting anything.  Last year, I started too early and ended up having to repot a bunch of plants and it turned out to be much too much work.  So I'm trying to have patience...which is NOT one of my strong suits.

While doing a little outdoor spring cleaning, I noticed another horror.  Ed confirmed that we have moles making cute little piles of dirt next to the house.  First of all, the moles are not cute! 

Thank God I have yet to see one in the yard.  I keep hoping Callie or one of the cats will take one out, but no luck so far.  We have two mounds so far that look like this:

We only have the two so far but I'm expecting the nicer weather to be cause for the lil guy to invite his buddies over.  So, if anyone has tips on how to get rid of these things, please let me know...

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