Friday, June 18, 2010

It's been a while...

I continue to struggle with a focus for this I will now continue with some random updates. :)

  1. Sunday Funnies:  I was making dinner this past Sunday and minding my own business when I happened to glance out the kitchen window.  I actually did a true double take before blurting out: "Ed, we've got cows in the driveway!".  I was actually rather impressed with myself in the few moments that followed.  I ran out the door, threw my hands up (you know, to make myself big as if they were bears), and ran after the two cows and six calves as they made there way back down the driveway. I proceeded to hollar "get", "get out of here", and "go on" and they leisurly made their way back.  Ed, on the otherhand was a bit more calm.  He made a phone call to the local farmer to find out if they were his cows-they were.  At this point, I realized shooing them back into the country road probably wasn't necessary...HOWEVER, they weren't going to get near my garden.  By the time I saw the beasts, they had made their way up the driveway and were closing in on our vehicles.   One right turn and a few more yards and they could have began quite the feast.  Regardless, they did some damage to the grass Ed is trying to grow out on the side of our driveway. 
  2. The Wednesday Letters:
The Wednesday LettersThis is one of the very few Fiction books that I truly enjoyed.  I typically go for True Crime/Serial Killer type books, but this book somehow drew me in.  Ten pages into the book and I was moved to tears.  I was thrilled when I got close to the end of the book and my hand slid across the back cover to find a letter to read at the end.  I recommend this book to men and women and also plan to write Wednesday letters to my the man I marry, someday.
3.  THE Garden:  I've spent the majority of the past month or so working on the garden.  Here's what I've learned so far this year...

  • I am not capable of starting plants from seeds.

    • correction-I can start them, but they won't make it once they are planted outside

    • exception-I can start corn from seed outdoors, but even my weird neighbor back home was able to accomplish that in the city

  • Nebraska weather is NOT the same as Wisconsin weather...

    • Nebraska gets a lot more severe weather.  This includes, tornados, hail, and severe winds-none of which is good for the garden.

  • I would love to someday live a sustainable lifestyle: aka, I secretively want to be a farmer.

  • I'm in denial about my grapes.  I planted them in May and have yet to see any sign of life.  I keep telling Ed they are "dormant".

  • It can rain for three days straight, but the wind out here dries that all out quick

  • I am very grateful for the owl that lives in the cistern next to my garden.

  • Weeds grow faster than vegetables

  • Freshly dug dirt is the perfect litter box

  • I need a gate for the entrance to the garden

  • The pumpkins Ed planted last year reseeded or has he likes to say "volunteered" (this also happened to be right where I was hoping to plant more tomatoes...I kinda wish I had pretended they were weeds and pulled them instead of telling him.)

  • Burpee shipped me some plants that arrived wilted beyond repair and refunded my money no questions asked-very happy with their customer service

  • Something ate my hostas

  • I need to learn to can.
4. Turkeys:  Nebraska residents can purchase three turkey tags over the counter.  I purchased and shot all three.  Two Tom's and one Jake...the third one I called in and shot while hunting completely on my own-that includes staying in a cabin alone.  That by itself was an accomplishment for me.
1 Drake Mallard
4 Snow Geese
1 Skunk
3 Turkeys
1 Rainbow trout

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