Friday, February 12, 2010

The accident

Yesterday evening, on my way home from work, I saw one of the worst accidents I've ever seen.  The accidents out here aren't like back home.  First off, it doesn't back up traffic for miles (since there never is any real traffic).  Second, since the speed limit on most of my drives is 65, the accidents always seem to be very serious.  Finally, when an accident occurs at night, it's very hard to see the accident until you are right on top of it.  Yesterday happened just like that.  I came over a hill and there it was less than a half a city block in front of me.  At 65 miles an hour, i slammed on my breaks and swerved off the road. As I slowly crept by one of the vehicles a man came from up to my car and asked me to pull ahead and put on my flashers.  The worst part about this accident....the vehical with the most damage was stuck in the middle of the road and since the front 1/4 of it was couldn't see the vehicle at all.  I'm confident that I prevented at least one other car from adding to the accident.
I left as soon as the sherriff showed up.  Which shockingly always appears to be in a very short period of time from when an accident occurs out here.  I spent my drive home thinking about how precious life is and how quickly it all can change.

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