Friday, February 12, 2010

A Wisconsin style restaurant in Scottsbluff, NE

I've enjoyed two incredible meals so far at the Emporium in Scottsbluff, NE.  Scottsbluff has been featured in Gourmet magazine for it's Mexican cuisine which doesn't come close to places like Conejitos and La Fuentes in Milwaukee.  Restaurant options in this town and especially the little town I live in are VERY limited (there are only two bars in Dalton that serve food).  So, when I entered into The Emporium near where I work, I was extremely pleased.  The food was delicious, service was wonderful and the atmosphere was similar to something I would enjoy back home.  The waiters/waitresses dress in black dress pants and dress shirts with white aprons and are very attentive.
The cuban sandwich that I tried for lunch doesn't compare to the one at Cubanitas, but it certainly is a nice change from the fast food options around here.  The dinner dish I tried was a Cajun seafood pasta that was just as good as any Italian dish I'd find back home.
I'm looking forward to dining outdoors in summer and think I've found my favorite little place for date night. :)

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